The Fashion Designers’ and Craft Makers’ Young Designer Awards took place on the 1st of November at the Pullman London Hotel in St. Pancras and was hosted by Lovelda Smith and Annik Rau. The event was attended by the media, fashion lovers, as well as friends and families.
Established by Joanna Marcella, a London based fashion designer, the award aims to provide a platform of inspiration for multicultural dynamic and young fashion designers by helping in raising their profile as extraordinarily talented and innovative designers.


The fashion award event was hosted the FDC Emerging Designer Award, the FDC Young Designer Award, as well as the Radical Designer Award. The events panel of special guest judges were Speaker and Presenter Annik Rau, Writer and Journalist Sara Khan, as well as Business Women and Entrepreneur Nina Malone.

The first position was awarded to Claire Ozee who created an innovative design inspired by the Great Gatsby. The second position was then awarded to Chelsea Visda who epitomized the delicateness of the Great Gatsby characters and the 1920’s through her tapestry skills.


The Emerging Designer Award first position was awarded to Christina Hallett-Young. She’s a Contour Fashion graduate with specialization in lingerie. Her “Red Reliance” themed collection was chosen for depicting the elegance meets sophisticated power dressing. The second position went to Naomi Thompson who stole the show with her remarkable attire that was inspired by the Ziegfeld Follies girls.

Aisha Enashdias was the winner of the first place of the Radical Designer Award for designers over 21 years. The judge’s’ attention was captured by her outstanding collection. The second position went to Münüse Ağagil whose “War Bride” collection concept had an amazing and luxurious look.


“We’ve found a great bunch of new, fresh and innovative young designers and we seek to support and encourage them as much as we can, through our Designer Development Initiative. The Designer Development Initiative is an attempt to support aspiring multi-cultural fashion designers and aims to make a significant difference to their economic well-being, by offering support, mentoring and motivational sessions,” says Joanna Marcella.

FDC-Young-Designer-Awards-winners-afrocosmopolitan-afrocentric-online-magazineThe FDC Young Designer Award and the Designer Development Initiative is a platform for partakers to network and promote their work. Those who won the Radical Awards will begin the preparation of their presentation that’ll be put before a panel of directors at the Vancouver Fashion Week.

The winners of the Young Designer Award and Emerging Designer Award will present their collection in New York City. The Young Designer event ended with the showcasing of the collection of emerging international fashion designers as well as models from France, the USA and Russia.


Photo Credit: Diamond Braganza Photography and E.S.L

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