Why That Human Hair Extension May Be Goat Hair

In a BBC article written by Sam Piranty and titled “The salons that hope you can’t tell goats and humans apart,” the writer narrates how many of the so-called human hair extension sold in China are actually taken from goats.

While the writer agrees he met a man who collects real human hair in a village, during a chat with a seller known as Lily in the mega-city of Guangzhou, he was told that while they actually sell real human hair extensions, most of the hair they alleged to be human hair extensions are actually goat hair. This the seller say they do in order to maximize their profit as prices have gone up.

Other tricks the seller said they employ in order to make more profit was to use fake scales in cheating customers with weight.

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He said Lily also revealed to him that even though most of the human hair extensions are labelled as Brazilian, Peruvian or Indian, they are actually Chinese hair.

Narrating how most of the buyers are from African countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Congo, Angola and Uganda, the customer’s list Lily showed him also revealed that a majority of the buyers are actually from Africa as 39 countries out of the 37 on the list are in Africa.

Sam also said when he talked to Marie, a Ugandan buyer he met at Lily’s store, he asked if she was aware some of the hair they bought as human hair extension in China was actually goat hair, he said Marie replied in the affirmative confirming she was aware even though the Chinese sellers think they’re stupid and do not know.

Marie went on to whisper in Sam’s ear saying, “I laugh a lot when I go home and I know that the beautiful women of Kampala have goats on their heads.”

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Check out the BBC article here.

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  1. Wow! This is a big eye opener and I would really love the public to know about this truth. I have a relative who owns a hair extension business and I know he will appreciate reading this article. I’m sure he will become mindful where his products came from once he reads this.

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