71 billion- That’s the number of text messages analysts at Informa estimate Americans will send in the coming year. The disruptive technology that is text messaging has dealt a huge blow to voice communication. People simply don’t have time to call. What’s more, it is way cheaper to send sweet simple texts than to have crucial conversations that often turn sour. Business owners have also taken to text messaging, sending emails, tweets and Facebook updates; anything but actually calling their customers. They do this without realising the potency of voice communication in business marketing.

Importance of Calling Customers

The safety of sending emails and texts often makes business owners hide in their cocoons while promising heaven. In most cases, the first ‘actual’ contact with a customer is often via a phone call. We all know that first impressions last. It is therefore imperative for business owners to pick up the phone and call their customers to establish positive first impressions which will be enduring. Calling customers precipitates dialogue which is often invaluable to business owners as they get to know the needs of their customers, get to clarify matters to their clients without the monotonous back and forth common in emails and get to obtain honest feedback from their customers.

Tips When Calling Customers

Thorough and deliberate preparation is necessary before initiating a phone call conversation with customers. This however does not mean coming up with a script. Provided you are aware of what your company does (which you should be anyway), you are good to go. The desired effect is to customize messages based on the needs of the customer you are calling. It also pays to listen. Indeed the message you deliver to your customer should be tailor made for him or her. This can only be the case after listening attentively to them. If you have an array of workers at your disposal, let them learn from you how to make phone calls that will have the greatest impact. Empowering your team will give you assurance of the quality to be expected when you are not actively involved.

Although straightforward in black and white, making actual phone calls to customers and receiving them is no walk in the park. You are bound to face the cantankerous customers having bad days and the obstinate ones with numerous questions and loathing remarks. All I can say is keeping calling, don’t text them.


  1. I can’t agree more. this is so true. Talking to your client through the phone or face to help can help build a special relationship that will make both parties to understand each other. That way, the work will be done better.

  2. I don’t think i really care about the method they use. As long as the work is done according to the debrief criteria, then all is fine.

  3. Me, I don’t like companies contacting me for whatever. It’s disturbing, annoying and some kind of aggressive communication from them. In fact it should be only to me to decide if I want to deal with the company or not, and therefor contact them or not; not the other way around… But yes, I know, I can not stop them from contacting me, and in that case, by phone (a bit more personal) is much better than by text message (nothing personal at all).

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