Why Is The Western World Going Crazy For Mehndi Designs

Simple mehendi design (occasionally spelled as mehndi design) apparel and accessories are taking the Western world by storm. There are plenty of theories why this should be so, yet many of them completely miss the mark when it comes to explaining precisely why these intricate and colourful Middle Eastern designs are suddenly enjoying such a rapid rise to prominence in the world of fashion.

Mehndi Designs Are Flying Off The Shelves

One thing is for sure: Mehndi designs are flying off the shelves, even as they continue to appear on all manner of items, from jackets, skirts, and dresses, to pendants, brooches, and cell phone covers. Everywhere you look, people are adopting Mehndi designs in dozens of fascinating and innovative new ways. This is one 21st century fashion trend that seems to be rapidly developing into the very opposite of the proverbial “flash in the pan.”

What Is The Source Of The Timeless Appeal Of Mehndi Designs?

Perhaps by asking the question, “Just what is the source of the timeless appeal of Mehndi designs?”, we can quickly get to the truth. Mehndi fashion is new to the Western world, but is centuries old in the land of its origin: The Middle Eastern region of Asia. Mehndi designs first entered the world of Arabic fashion in the 17th century during the Mughal invasion of India, and quickly spread all throughout the region.

It may well be that because these colorful and symmetrical patterned designs have had so much time to be perfected into an art form in the Middle East that they have finally come to the Western world in their full glory, without any of the awkward growth and transitional stages being observed. Everyone who is familiar with Mehndi designs agrees that this is one fashion style that can never be mistaken for any other.

The Western World Can’t Get Enough Of Mehndi Fashion

One thing is certain: The Western world can’t seem to get its fill of Mehndi fashion. Companies, such as Craftsvilla among many others, are producing Mehndi design themed items at breakneck speed, and are still having trouble fulfilling the ever growing demand for more. The desire for Mehndi fashion has permeated the Western world from Paris to London and New York. If you’re looking for the next great fashion trend, the time to get to know Mehndi fashion is now.

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