According to Clutch Magazine, Whoopi Goldberg could not restrain herself from letting out some smelly gas while on live TV for The View’s Flu Segment. The Hollywood actress was not bordered that the cameras were rolling as she let out a loud fart that echoed through the air while they were discussing the importance of flu shots with guest Ashanti.


Whoopi, who needed to let it go excused herself in the middle of the session after she was done with releasing the deadly air. Co-host Rosie O’Donnell promptly began fanning the area to dilute the smell while everyone including Ashanti had a good laugh about the incident.

Whoopi who seemed unperturbed by her act made the following remark: “I feel so much better now!”

Reacting to the incident, @KSDapparel tweeted: “Was up wit Whoopi goldberg farting on live tv lmao girls should not ever fart unless there alone #Amen.”


Even though there were visual and auditory evidence to suggest Whoopi let out a fart during the show, the ” The Color Purple” star later denied the incident saying she pretended that was happened when they heard a loud sound effect.

[box type=”shadow” ]”Apparently, I need to clear the air about a couple things. Just in case you were at home and didn’t understand it, there was a sound affect, we have never heard this thing before, I’m thinking ‘damn that’s weird. What can I do? Oh I know, I’m going to pretend I let a little something go.” She added, “It was a joke…I make funnies! Everybody relax.”[/box]

Reacting to Whoopi’s denial, @PrettiiRickii tweeted: “@RantingOwl @dailydot LOL. She just said she didn’t. It was a noise in the studio that she try to make a joke of.”


Whoopi Goldberg Farts On Live TV: Above is a gif footage of the event as it happened on Wednesday while Whoopi was on live TV and the audience was also present in the studio listening to the discussion.

Below are are tweets from KSDiamonds Wear and Prettii Rickii




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