He’s the man that puts a lot of colour into the British Strictly Come Dancing reality TV show. From the way he gives his honest opinion about the celebrity dance show he’s one of the judges, to the way he unnaturally elongate his words to make them unforgettable catchphrases such as “Fab-u-LOUS”, “A-ma-ZING”, Chah-Chah-Chah”, “daah-ling” and “Disaaaaaaster”, Craig Revel Horwood needs no introduction to any UK resident that watches the Strictly Come Dancing show.

Talking about why he uses his famous catchphrases in an interview with Gerard Gilbert for the Independent UK, Craig said, “That happened out of time limitation,” Revel Horwood said. “They come to me last [on the judging panel] so Bruno might be going on… you know, endlessly… and they might say ‘You’ve got 10 seconds… we need one word’, so I have to say something… and sometimes I have to stretch it out to three syllables.”

When dishing out his honest opinion about the performance of the celebrity dancers on his show, he has used very colourful sentences that have become some of his popular quotes from the programme such as, “The only good thing about that was the end”, “All the Ls: lifeless, lacklustre, laboured” and “That reminded me of a Thunderbird”.

But his words and opinion are not the only colourful thing about this Australian-British celebrity who started his career in Australia and then France, before finally moving to the UK where he has had a successful and colourful career. Craig is also colourful with his fashion style. If he’s not wearing a black suit with a little bit of colourful accessory, he’s wearing a full blown colourful outfit with loud and bright colours or with florals. And sometimes, he takes it even a notch higher by “blinging” it up.

And after seeing Craig in all of these colours and the way he uses words colourfully, we were wondering what it would look like to see him in an outfit made of the colourful African print fabric. Just like we have seen international celebrities such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Gwen Steffani, Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Solange, Michelle Obama, Jill Biden, the American Vice President’s wife, and much more.

If we are not the only one thinking about seeing this happen, who else wants to see Mr Craig Revel Horwood in a bold and colourful ankara African print outfit.

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