Have you been noticing your child getting less sociable and irritated lately? Does your child end up more irascible and irrational after spending too much time on a computer? Chances are your child is becoming a victim of cyberbullying. And it is more common than you think it is. Preventing cyberbullying is important. Parents have a significant role in putting a stop to this hellish experience. But first things first, you need to get educated about this phenomenon so you can help your child win back his confidence and make him/her smile anew.

Cyberbullies are creative

If there is one thing that cyberbullies are good at, it is their ability to create stories and stuff. Cyberbullies prey on the fears and the potential for embarrassment of their targets. Cyberbullies would often threaten targets with nasty rumours or create websites that would make the targets the laughing stock. Parents need to be vigilant on who their children are communicating with by monitoring the channels that the bullies can use to get through their children.

Cyberbullying spreads fast

Offline, bullying may take a while or sometimes it happens during recess or lunch break. Cyberbullying takes less time to spread and take its toll on the target. Teenagers today regularly check their mobile devices and what used to take days to spread can get to everyone’s inboxes in a matter of minutes.

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Cyberbullies’ posts are long lasting.

Teach your child to be careful about what they post online. Cyberbullies often use materials that the target posted on the Internet and make it incriminating. The posts that malign the person often are hard to erase and would persist on the Internet for a long time. By limiting the posts, pictures and things your children put online there is less material for the bullies to work on and it would be harder to carry out their bullying.

Cyberbullies are found often in buddies’ lists

Cyberbullying only work if the bullies have a direct connection with the target. They will not be able to send their threats if there are no ways to communicate. As a parent, try to monitor the buddies’ lists of your children and if there are unfamiliar names in the list try to check with the child if the person is causing trouble or not.

Cyberbullying is very common

Cyberbullying has become a common occurrence. Statistics show that about 38 percent of girls that have been online reported to have been victims of cyberbullying. Only 26 percent of boys online have reported having experienced trysts with cyber bullies. It is alarming that almost four out of 10 people that are using social media have reported being victims of cyberbullying. Only 22 percent of teens not using social media reported to be bullied in cyberspace.

As a parent, you need to be vigilant and cautious on how your child uses the Internet. Tell your child that being cyberbullied is not his/her fault. Encourage him to report any kind of bullying tactic and prevent himself from being prone to experiencing social anxiety which can adversely affect his studies and overall development.

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