A picture they say tell a million stories. And this one above really did. So, what did the husband see in this picture to make him want to divorce his wife?

According to a story posted by a Facebook user Anthony Clark,

“A husband left for vacation for 20 days. Upon returning he took this picture of his wife. After close examination he asked her for a divorce as he determined she was cheating. What did he see in the picture?”

While everything seems to be okay with the picture, a closer look reveal there is actually a big story behind it. Wife Caught Cheating? How did the husband arrive at that conclusion? Can you see what the husband saw? Take a careful look at it and tell us what you see.

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  1. And not only was he hid inside the bed but it also turned out to be Mr Fantastic from the Fantastic Four!!! At this time the Thing has declined to make any comment but Dr Doom was heard to say that it was only matter of time till that bendy boys twisty bits got caught out.

  2. This photo trended some weeks ago. There is a hiding under the bed and you can see his eyes when you look close to under the pillow.

  3. This photo is so hilarious 🙂 You can see the eyes of a black man spying from under the bed as the cheating woman pretends as if nothing is wrong while her lover is hiding under there. Anyway, i feel the picture was Photoshopped but you never can tell. Everything is possible.

    • This photo is fake….how can a man fit hit right eye through there there no space….this was photo shopped

  4. If you believe this, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you real cheap! Obviouly photoshopped picture and fake story. What’s missing? Only all the key elements that would be in any true news story – who? where? when? Saying “a man”, “his wife” and “the prosecutor” doesn’t cut it. And of course, no reports of the story in any reliable news source (Google it). The eyes under the bed look suspiciously like Anthony Hopkins in “Silence of the Lambs”. Works on the “Where’s Waldo” level, though!

  5. Who goes on vacation for three weeks without their spouse, there was trouble before if the story has any truth to it.

    • Where did it say be went on vacation? All it said was he was gone for 20 days so chances are WORK Dumb ass

  6. It would be more believable that it was a teenage girl hiding her boyfriend behind the bed because that’s a child twin bed with a pull out bed. What married couple would have that type of bed for themselves!

    • No one ever said this was the couples bed. Just because its in the house does not mean they sleep on it. Could be just and extra bed for guest

  7. so she sleeps in a Cargo captains bed? is it a punishment while he is gone? these beds have a plywood type board that the mattress sets upon because of the drawers beneath which go almost all the way to the back. there is NO WAY a human could fit in there like that let alone put his head up into that corner. def photo shopped. and when i checked into it it was found to be a young teenage girl, not a wife and not caught by husband.

  8. Some if this comments are so stupid
    nothing said he went on vacation. It just said he was gone for 20 days. Which most likely means WORK!!! also nothing says this is their bed could just be a guest bed .

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