How to wear ankara print dress with blazer.

Blazers are very fashionable and also the most corporate outfit to wear. And there are many ways to wear blazers. You can wear it as a matching piece of suits. And women suits do come in many forms. There are suits with matching pants, with a long or short dress, as well as with a long or short skirts. Blazers can also be worn with several other outfits. You can combine them with a pair of jean, leggings, dresses, skirts, as well as shorts.

This also goes for African outfits. As we all know, ankara outfits are great, bold, colourful and also very feminine. But there are times you do not want to be dressed in an all ankara African print outfit. For such moments, an ankara African print dress with a monotone fabric will do a lot in toning down the colourful ankara fabric. Check out the many ways women wear the ankara dress with blazer outfit.

Also, check out how to wear the ankara on a jean outfit and expand your wardrobe with different stylish African print outfits for women. If you’re a working class woman, also check out the best ways to style an ankara African print outfit for work.

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