A viral video that allegedly captured a naked man jumping out of Buckingham Palace window during the Changing of the Guard has is said to be fake and a huge hoax. In the bizarre video was posted on Youtube a few days ago, a man is seen using a bed sheet to make her way out of the room and get himself to the bottom.

The video has received millions of views and has started an online debate as to whether it is real or not. Many people think the video is fake because the man lost grip and fell to the ground before getting to the bottom of the bed sheet. They said there was no sound of him falling to the ground from such a distance, neither did anyone in the video react to a man falling.

No comment has been made by the Queen or the Royal House since the video was released and gone viral causing a heated debate.




naked_man_Buckingham Palace-4

Credit: YouTube / AndersDahlberg | Telegraph UK

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