The African head wrap or turban can be tied in various styles. Very popular for tying this headgear in a glamourous way are the Nigerians. And over there, it is popularly known as Gele, the Yoruba name for the popular head scarf (Yoruba is the second largest tribe in Nigeria).

While the Nigerian head wrap has become popularly known as Gele, tying one’s hair in these colourful fabrics in a loud and glamorous ways are a common practice among most Nigerian tribes. In Nigeria, these colourful headgears and are popularly worn by women during weddings, big events, and to Sunday church services.

Tying the Nigerian gele involves some kind of mastering in knowing how to fold the scarf for the desired look, tying the knot in the best points to create the perfect look, crunching it to make the different folds and layering, as well as the finishing touches.

Some of the popular fabrics that are used for tying the African head wrap or the Nigerian gele are Damask, Asoebi fabric, Kente Cloth, African print fabric, and others.

And below, we have put together some of the best videos to take you through the process of tying the African head scarf or the Nigerian gele head scarf like a pro. In some of the videos, you’ll learn how to accessorise your Gele scarf and even bling it up.

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