Mum pole dancing with baby strapped to her back sparks online backlash

A video of a mum pole dancing with baby strapped to her back has sparked furious backlash online. Ashley Wright’s video ignited a debate in which people were questioning her parenting skills and calling on child protection services to look into her case.

In the YouTube video, Ashley is seen performing a series of moves to The Circle of Life, a popular Disney song from the Lion King film, while her baby was strapped to her back with with a material sling.”Decided we should do a routine together… And so thankful other could help assist me in capturing and choreographing this moment/experience,” Ashley wrote along with the uploaded video.

For many commentators. Ashley’s routine is too ‘dangerous’ for the child, as they say she could slip and fall on the child. Reacting to the backlash, Ashley said she couldn’t be bothered about other people’s opinion and said she’s not reaady to take down the video.refused to take down the video.

“I’ve been called names like ‘stripper’ and ‘bad parent’ and while I understand, remarks like these are sometimes from people who were taught to shame their bodies. People are mostly supportive, though, and say that I’m teaching my daughter how to love herself unconditionally,” she told Yahoo Parenting.

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