Nigerians in Belgium occupied the Nigerian embassy in Brussels as part of the “occupy Nigeria” fuel subsidy removal protest. The demonstration has been ongoing for a few days now. It is spreading and getting more intense as Nigerians abroad continue to gather and protests to support the one being carried out at home.

Video: Nigerians in Belgium Occupy Nigeria at Embassy in Brussels
Nigerians in Belgium
The protest has been carried out by Nigerians abroad in the the UK, the US and now Belgium in the following cities;

London: The Nigerian Embassy
Wahington DC: IMF
New York: The Nigerian House
Brussels: The Nigerian Embassy

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    • President Jonathan is a dupe. I guess that is what happen when you let people without shoes govern you. They spend their time looking for shoes instead of doing their work.

  1. Who wakes up and make such a high increase to an essential commodity without considering it’s impact on the citizen’s? Who does that mr President Goodluck or is it Badluck Jonathan?

  2. Nigeria my country, i weep as i see you taken away from the masses and given to a selected few.

  3. So sad that the common man will have to sufefr for it. But the question we have to ask ourselves is that. Why are we battling with this oil issue for so long and we seems not to make any head way? My president can’t be so foolish to have deliberately inflicted this angony on the people. It’s so sad when you find people who suppose to know more, talking like a common man on the streets, who we know is ignorant of the whole situation. It goes to show the high level of educated illiterates we have in our society, so sad . The International Monetary Fund (I.M.F) is facing huge financial constrain and can no longer afford to giving out loans to member state s to meet it’s country’s financial obligations. This is as a result of the global financial crisis that has hit all the major economic powers of the world. Another crisis looms. To avert this crisis, member countries are advised to save for the raining days and Nigeria is not left out. Last year Ghana just removed it’s oil subsidy. In order to save for the raining days govt needs to hands off from the business of oil. We need to liberalise the oil market so that investors can come in, pick a licence from the govt and build their own private refinary which will enable them to meet domestic consumption and eventually drop the price of fuel by almost 1000%. These cartel have so much monopolise our oil sector, so much so that they can never pray that govt should remove subsidy and open up the market because they share 1.3trillion naira meant for subsidy among themselves. I may not come from the Niger delta but i believe Mr president mean well for this great country. The pain of subsidy removal might be too much to bear but on the long run the joy is worth while, God willing. Let be patient with the president and assit him in prayers. Long live Nigeria!

  4. Well if the federal gnenromvet was so concerned about creatin better lives for the people why don’t they start by slashing their salaries and allocations by 50% and see if dat wud not go a long way.they just want to punish the masses because even if fuel price is placed at 200 its not goin to affect dem in bottomline is dat they really don’t care how we survive.they r talkin about amenities but I would like to know what they use our tax for and the funds allocated to each states.corruption is just too much in dis country and if we are to move forward we need to tackle corruption first.

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