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Video: Nigerian Lovers Using Singaporean Ladies as Drug Mules

Video: Nigerian Lovers Using Singaporean Ladies as Drug Mules

This video is a documentary from the Singaporean Public Service Announcement. It tells the story of how Nigerian men entice Singaporean ladies with money, expensive gifts, free tickets, expensive holidays and more in order to gain their trust. Once they gain the women’s trust, they move on to use them as mules for their drug trafficking business.

Sometimes, these women recruit their friends into the crime world to work for these drug syndicates. The African countries mainly known for practicing this organized crimes are from Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone.

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  1. Criminals in action 🙂

  2. Must this people continue to drag Nigeria’s name into the mud? Alawre people.

  3. Why are these people always disgracing themselves wherever they go? Why? Why? Why?

  4. Why is Nigeria always associated with stuffs like this?

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