No day goes by without African migrants scrambling to cross over the razor wire fence between Morocco and Spain in a bid to enter Europe for greener pastures. Over the years, many Africans from Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, and many more countries have lost their lives while trying to cross over to Spain.

Just yesterday, a video of African migrants trying to cross over the fence into Spain was uploaded to the internet by Reuters. According to reports from the news network, around 200 Africans migrants tried to cross the fence separating Morocco from a Spanish enclave. It is the third mass attempt this week by Africans trying to make their way into Europe.

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Watch the video below.


  1. Wish someone will tell them it’s not worth all the risk that can involve death and that they’ll also listen to that person. Being an illegal immigrant will be another struggle they have to face. Getting in does not end it.Better they come in a legit way or work hard at home. There’s no guarantee their lives will turn out better by getting into Europe. And with all the crisis in Spain with most citizens running to other European country, their future is bleak. I know some of them plans to leave Spain to other countries after entering. But moving around without documents is not an easy feat.

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