An Angry Dad Shoots Teens Laptop 9 (nine) times Over Facebook Post in which she was complaining about all the things she does at home and more!

Video: Angry Dad Shoots Teens Laptop Over Facebook Post
Angry Dad

IT’S HIGHLY POSSIBLE that you’ve already seen this video, even though it’s only been online for three days by now – but if you haven’t, it’s certainly worth a watching. It’s about  how an Angry dad shot his teen daughter’s laptop nine times because of her Facebook post.

Welcome to the gun swinging parenting style of  Tommy Jordan. Tommy is a father from North Carolina, who works in the IT business. Due to his IT expertise, he was asked by his (evidently quite insistent) 15-year-old teen daughter to upgrade her laptop.

Unknowingly to the daughter, giving her father access to the laptop would mean he could see posts on her Facebook page – posts she thought were hidden from his view.

Put it this way: he wasn’t at all happy about what he read on his daughters Facebook post updates. In respond to that and to show her who was in charge, he choose what would be referred to as “parenting North Carolina style” by using his gun. He gave nine gun shots to the laptop, recorded everything and uploaded to YouTube.

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  1. This man is sick. How does that warrant shooting your daughters laptor, recording and posting it on Facebook. What a way to see attention. God job, you have gained the recognition you were looking for. Now take your sorry ass and get a life?

  2. Hahaha, i laugh in kongali. And what is this rubbish supposed to mean? I bet your daughter is more sensible than you are. Stupid attention seeking dad that you are.

  3. Shooting a laptop just to earn respect is not a good idea. If we want our kids and teens us we should at first respect them as our offspring. We can’t solve violence with another form of violence, thus, only good can defeat bad and only light and chase darkness away. I do hope that other parents are not like him.

  4. What does this deranged person think he is doing? He just loves attention. Simple as ABC

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