The fear of the Ebola virus is the beginning of wisdom! This female US passenger was photographed dressed in dressed in protective gear from head to toe as she was photographed at the Washington Dulles Airport yesterday where she was awaiting her flight. She wore a full hazmat suit, complete with gloves, full body gown, mask and more.

Even though the woman was well covered up, onlookers noticed the woman’s hands were a little bit exposed, as well as her handbag as they believe she can she contact the Ebola virus that way if she comes in contact with it.

Since a Liberian man infected with Ebola virus flew to the US, about two people have been diagnosed of testing positive to the virus without. They are all nurses that may have come in contact with patients who have the Ebola Virus.

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The virus has killed thousands of people in West Africa where the outbreak started. While an American drug has been successful in treating some patients with the virus, others have not been lucky enough. Even the Liberian man who recently travelled to the US with the various died while he was undergoing treatment.

The Ebola virus has caused so much panic across the world as efforts are being made to curtail and eradicate it.

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