THE HAGUE – Up to 500 children will fall under the children Asylum law known as the “MauorWet” (MauroLaw).

This information was reported by UNICEF Netherlands and Defence for Children on Tuesday night in the television program “Nieuwsuur.”

The organizations asked for figures on the number of asylum procedures running. They also asked for the number of children in distress communities and churches to be mapped.

The bill, also known Maurowet (Maurolaw), is designed for children of asylum seekers who have lived in the Netherlands for more than eight years. With the Maurowet, such children would qualify for a residence permit.

The organizations called on Minister Gerd Leers (Asylum) to make sure children who fall under this law are not deported until the upcoming election that is scheduled for September 2012.

According to Unicef Netherlands and Defence for Children, the chance that these children will receive a residence permit if the law is adopted is very high.


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