Nigerian couple Lizzy Idahosa, 24 and Jackson Omoruyi, 41, have been jailed for money laundering and human trafficking. Lizzy was sentenced to 8 years in prison for trafficking women for sex to and around the United Kingdom. She was also found guilty of inciting prostitution and money laundering. In total, Lizzy Idahosa was given multiple sentences that consisted of eight years, five years, seven years and two and a half years for her crimes. All the sentences are to run concurrently. Idahosa already has a child for his partner (Jackson Omoruyi) and is also currently heavily pregnant with their second child.

His partner, 41-year-old Jackson Omoruyi was given two years for money laundering. Jackson charged the sum of £50,000 to arrange for the women to enter the UK. Part of the money was used for arranging false travel documents for the victims. Once in Britain, the women are forced to work in brothels across the UK where they had sex with 7 or 8 men a day to pay their debts.

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According to the victim’s accounts, before trafficking them to the UK, they are made to undergo juju rituals that entail eating snails and snakes, drinking dirty water and then cutting them with razor blades. Their hairs are also shaven as part of the ritual. They were also told they’ll go ill, run mad, suffer infertility and even die if they speak up about their ordeal.

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