Uganda in a Classic Alberta Heritage Fete

Among Ugandan community.  In the region they are known for their partying; such culture is not limited to those on the streets of Kampala. This time Ugandans living in Edmonton- Alberta will take part in the 37th annual Heritage Festival at the Heritage Park.

All Albanians will grab their wallets and families on the weekend starting on Friday, August 3, and head for this year’s fun-full celebrations to mark the 37th anniversary Heritage festival with 4 days, which normally characterised with food and musical fete.

In a seemingly divided country at home between political parties lines; Ugandans here are united and will be among the 50 and so countries that taking part in a long weekend, which is listed, as a statutory holiday on the Canadian calendar.

The annual event truly unifies Ugandans here as they willingly submit their name to volunteer in different activities that cover the Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

The Heritage festival, which falls every first Monday of August, will see many Albertanians turning up and taking a test on the foodstuffs on Ugandan menu.

Authority here estimates, that given the nice weather, the numbers for this year’s celebration may exceed 500,000, which mean, an exhibition of Uganda’s rich cultures will be of great advantage. Among the event activities will include; culture and traditional music; traditional foods and many more entertainments which are used as enticements to attract people on any participating country’s stall.

“It is a simple event, just well-marked. Everyone is welcomed view; make choices from the big menu on our stall,” said Martin Ntege, the Chairman of Uganda Community in Alberta Province which is the size of 3 times bigger than Uganda. Mr. Ntege explained that: “On our stall, there is a variety of music and dance from all Uganda’s regions. And several choices of eats and other foodstuffs have been included on our menu.”

Though, thousands of mile from home; Ugandans living in this part of the world may have bite on Matooke. “We are still exploring on how, we can include matooke on our menu, the problem here, it is still very difficult to get it; if it was in Toronto,” said the vice chairperson, Nabaggal, in response to whether the group will include matooke on their menue which requires a 4 days journey to and from in order to collect matooke from Toronto.

“I think it’s fun and an advantage on the other side; exhibiting Uganda’s culture and traditional foodstuffs to such a big audience,” said Ms Nabaggala, adding that: “I think we have enough variety that can cater for all the needs of any guest on our stall.”

With some gone for over six years, without recognising even the test of Cassava; this time Matooke (banana); Gonja (plantains); Lumonde (Sweet potatoes); kalo (Millet) and many other special recipes have been included.

Edmontonians including Ugandans here may have one of the long summer fetes.

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