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Tuface Idiabia: "Yes o" I can’t Speak English but i Have Placed Nigeria on the World’s Music Map

Kaa-boom! Was the word that jumped out of my mouth when I saw the interview of Tuface Idibia on CNN’s Inside Africa. In 2004, the African singer released his first solo album after the separation from the group Plantashun boyz, and rumours have been going around that the afro hip hop singer cannot properly express himself in English.

Also, that his famous colloquial “Yes o” and his regular speaking of Pidgin English was an attempt to avoid an intelligent conversation. However, Tuface showed those “haters” and “no-gooders” that he is as knowledgeable as any university graduate despite his little educational background.

In the Interview Tuface talked about his music background and how he has managed to come this far, he elaborated on the impact of piracy and knowledge of consumers on intellectual property. So, for those that think “bcos tuface no finish skool, dey wanna take him for a fool”, need to watch this interview.

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  1. Don baba Tuface, you no dey dissappiont. Keep on representing us. We are behind you.

  2. For me, the yatch stick for measuring best acterss as a woman is if that woman can fit into any role.Mercy has proven beyond doubt that she can bring any form of imagination into existence.Now its not about d money you are getting, as a matter of fact, d more money u get in dis industry, d less roles u may want to play because u would start chosing.Just keep on your good job.U are d best, no two ways about it.

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