A lot of people, especially men visit casinos all over the world. While some go there to for the sake of amusing themselves and enjoying the glitter and glamour that goes with the place, others go there because they have the hope to win a large sum of money that can change their lives for good. In America, people can play such games by visiting the location in person and play the game in real life with other contestants or visit online casino USA for e-games.

And like everyone that visit casinos, celebrities are not left out of this. A majority of them visit these places to catch some fun, connect and for other reasons. Below are some of the American celebrities that enjoy visiting casinos.

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Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods competing at his charity poker tournament, part of the Tiger jam Festivities.

While Tiger Woods enjoy playing Golf and has been one of the world’s highest-paid athletes for several years, the 38-year-old father of two also enjoys visiting casinos and the blackjack player has been alleged to bet sums up to $25,000 per hand.

Ben Affleck


Apart from acting Hollywood movies, Ben Affleck also enjoys visiting the casino and knows how to play the blackjack so well that he was even banned from playing it (the blackjack) for life at the Vegas Casino.

According to ABC News, the actor was banned from playing blackjack at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Casino after he was deemed “too good” at the game by security.

what an unnamed source told  The Post Friday, the Hollywood actor was banned for life from playing blackjack at the Hard Rock Cafe in Vegas ­after security officers busted him counting cards.

Apart from acting, Ben Affleck, is also a film director, screenwriter and producer. The 42-year-old father of three and husband of American actress, Jennifer Garner came into limelight after his performances in movies that included Dazed and Confused, Mallrats, Chasing Amy and Dogma between 1993 and 1999.

Demi Moore


Whether it is the Palms Casino in Las Vegas or  Fifty Casino in St James street of London, Demi Moore is one American actress that also enjoys visiting casinos at her free time to unwind herself. While Demi Moore is a staunch member of the Kabbalah sect and her religion frowns against gambling, Demi does not allow that stop her from enjoying her games at the casino.

When Demi Moore and Bruce Willis got married in 1997, the ceremony took place at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The couple stayed together as husband and wife for 13 years (1987–2000) and are blessed with three children. Before getting married to Bruce Willis, Demi was once married to Freddy Moore between 1980 and 1985. After divorcing Bruce, she went on to marry Ashton Kutcher and their marriage lasted from 2005 to 2013. Both the first and third marriages produced no offspring as her three children are all fathered by Bruce Willis.

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Drew Barrymore


Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey is frequented by celebrities, especially those based on the East Coast. One of such celebrity is Drew Barrymore. The 39-year-old mother of two is also a screenwriter, film director, producer, model and an author.

Other popular celebrities who visit casinos are Jon Bon Jovi, Matt Damon, Ashton Kutcher, Alex Rodriguez, Bruce Willis, Ryan Seacrest, Pamela Anderson, Cuba Gooding Junior, Jessica Biel, Kurt Russell, Dennis Rodham, Justin Timberlake, James Woods and Carmen Electra.

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