Everyone knows about the Little Black Dress being a classic staple of women’s fashion. What they may not know is that another piece of little black clothing is also a must for any wardrobe. Black Leggings are an important addition to any woman’s closet and here’s why.

1. They Go with Everything

Black leggings can be worn with any type of outfit. They can be worn under a dress, as pants with a top or tee shirt, or even underneath other pants to stay warmer in the winter. This versatility means that they are worth the price paid. There is no limit to the amount of outfits that can be improved with the simple addition of leggings. They make dresses more demure and are a perfect alternative to pants in the warmer months. With so many options, there is no reason why anyone should not own this multi-purpose garment.

2. Can be Both Professional and Casual

Adding black leggings under a dress instantly makes it more tasteful and work appropriate, no matter how short or tight the dress is. Wearing black leggings helps round out any day-wear look. They also make the wearer more comfortable in situations where modesty could be an issue. To transition to night, simply throw on a top with the leggings. This is a fun, sporty way to make a statement and look fabulous at the same time. It’s also a great way to showcase stunning tops and tee shirts in a way that doesn’t overpower them. The tops will be able to speak for themselves without being overwhelmed by the bottoms.

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3. Gives the Booty a Boost

Most women want to make their booties more beautiful. With leggings, that’s a snap. Most leggings are typically manufactured with spandex or spandex blends, making them hug tightly to a woman’s curves. This gives the booty a natural lift, making it perkier. This works great for a night look. That extra perk will grab anyone’s attention.

4. Makes Legs Look Thin and Trim

What can be said about the way leggings help butts can also be said about the way they help shape legs, especially the thighs. The spandex in leggings help everything come together to give a generally more toned shape. Thighs and buns alike will look better than ever thought possible. Whether looking to attract attention or just put a good foot forward, leggings are always there to help.

5. Extremely Comfortable

After all that, it would be natural to assume that leggings are disastrously uncomfortable. However, that is completely incorrect. Leggings are unfathomably comfortable to wear at any time in any season. Their stretch, low-weight construction allows breathability, so not to cause sweating or discomfort in the summer. That same stretch factor also keeps in warmth in the winter. Beyond that, they are simply the most relaxed piece of clothing anyone could own. Lounging around the house and walking three miles are equally benefited by the comfort leggings can offer.

No one can go wrong with a pair of black leggings. Whether they are worn as pants or under a dress, there is no limit to the amount of things leggings can do.


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