Fashion Designer, Tina Lobondi will be showcasing at the Africa Fashion Week London 2016 in collaboration with Ngone, a jewellery designer. The two brands will pair their pieces together and showcase it to guest at the event that will be taking place on September 9 and 10. Below are a short profile of the two brands.

Tina Lobondi established her fashion label in Notting Hill, London in 2011. Combining African heritage with delicate French couture, her designs are up-market and classic.

From India to Congo, materials are sourced globally and the collections are entirely produced in Paris and London. Fabrics are often printed with Africa-inspired patterns and mixed with precious materials such as silk and organza.

She has worked with numerous artists including Grammy Award winner and New York-based singer Angelique Kidjo, and actress Thandie Newton.

Ngone’s collections are feminine, timeless and rich in universal influences. She draws her inspiration from different cultures: Paris capital of high fashion where she lives, her African inheritance and during travels.

Through the jewel, Ngone interprets a contrasting vision of the world in a spirit of fusion, to make her design unique and elegant. Sometimes, she mixes the metal with materials of garments as the silk, allied to stones and crystals. Available in necklaces, cuffs, earrings, jewels become headbands and hair ornaments as the whim takes her. Willing to produce high-end quality, all her collections are handmade in Paris in collaboration with craftsmen.

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