Facebook has developed a new app known as TimeLine. It changes the way you tell your story in your Facebook profile. You can you images, videos or a combination of both.

Narrate your story from past to future. Identify those memorable moments, events and milestones in your life. Bring the story to life by using the application. Insert locations, calendars and more.

The application is not yet available to everyone. Surely, it will change the way we interact on facebook.

What do you think about this new app? Have you used it? Are you waiting anxiously to lay your hands on it and experiment with it? What is your first reaction to Facebook Timelines? Interesting? Cool? It doesn’t make a difference? Share your opinion by leaving a comment.

Timelines, Changing The Way You Tell Your Stories on Facebook
Facebook Timelines
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    • Yeah, i agree. Timelines has really changed the way we use Facebook. And i like the way they are always refreshing themselves. Cool 🙂

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