Take a look at Thula Sindi’s “The Thula Sindi Woman” collection that was showcased at the Labo Ethnik Fashion Weekend in Paris. The South African fashion designer presented the pieces that were made with colourful prints and satin fabrics. Two of the colours that were prominently used in this collection are purple and black. These two colours were visible in the uni colour fabrics as well as the featuring prints.

Thula Sindi, who was the winner of the South Africa Tourism “Designer of the Year 2012” showcased his ready-to-wear women’s collection to an international audience. Designers that presented their works at the fashion show event came from different backgrounds. Earlier in March, Sinda showcased his collections at the Johannesburg Fashion Week.

Speaking about the collection Thula said: “I wanted to give them a window into the Thula Sindi woman and how sophisticated she is, as well as how all the elements of what I have shown these past two seasons can work together.”

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