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Travel: Three Places That Will Make You Forget Las Vegas


Las Vegas is a fantastic place to visit, with some awesomely crazy architecture and spectacular destinations outside the city itself. But it’s not the only place on the planet that’s worth considering if you’re planning a casino holiday.

We’ve picked three superb cities on three different continents to inspire your next trip – any one of them is more than a match for Vegas, and all of them are sure to raise eyebrows when you tell people where you went…

Look at the money flowing in and out of Macau’s casinos, and you’ll realise it’s a worthy competitor for Vegas. The city’s 33 gaming houses turn over around five times as much money as Nevada’s Sin City. Macau started booming only a decade ago when new companies were encouraged into the market, and today its amazing atmosphere crackles with excitement.

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Baccarat is the most popular table game here, but there’s no shortage of opportunities to play hold ‘em and blackjack, or roulette if you prefer. Some of the finest casinos include the Venetian (which dwarfs the Vegas Venetian), and Macau’s original casino, the Lisboa.

Monte Carlo
One for the high rollers now! You need to know two things about Monte Carlo; firstly, there’s really only one place to go to gamble, and that’s the world-famous Monte Carlo Casino. Secondly, you’ll need to bring either a suitcase full of Euros or a wallet full of credit cards.

The tiny city-state is full of smartly-dressed, achingly wealthy folk from all over the world, many of whom will have arrived by yacht or helicopter. The casino itself is as stylish and elegant as casinos get – in many ways the place is the opposite of Vegas. Bizarrely, citizens of Monaco are forbidden from gambling here!

If you’re planning a trip, it’d be wise to practice your skills online beforehand at a site like the Gaming Club casino – it’s possible to win (and lose) an awful lot of money in Monte Carlo so you’ll want to be on top form!

Sun City
Finally, a resort that was famous in days gone by as a symbol of apartheid South Africa. In 1985 a supergroup including Bobby Womack and Jimmy Cliff recorded a hit song designed to persuade other acts not to play at the venue.

These days Sun City is a fantastic vacation spot with plenty to interest the gambler. The Sun City Hotel casino caters to all comers with table games and an array of slots. The Salon Privé offers higher stakes facilities for the steely of nerve. The range of activities is huge, including Big Five safaris and two excellent golf courses. It’s a whole different experience from the Strip in Vegas, and the Palace Of The Lost City Hotel is world-class.

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(Images courtesy of phillip.greenspun.com, chinatravel.net, freehdw.com, crickettravel.com.au)

By Simon Fitzpatrick 12.13.13

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