Who said Pink is only for SUMMER? Look at your local high street store, and you will notice at least a quarter of trends is dominated by the colour pink! Here at AfroCosmopolitan we are completely PRO COLOUR! We love colour and we definitely know how to accumulate that in whatever season that may be. Below, our Fashion Editor has picked out a few items that are already on the high street trend, which will also be part of the Spring/Summer edition. So keep your eyes peeled on the runways and observe how they are incorporated on the high-street.

The Pink Coat!

We have seen this everywhere! The sassy and classic pink coat has dominated the once ‘black is for Winter’ industry by a storm! The last time we checked you could purchase this beauty for a FIVER! Yes, £5 from your favourite high street store Primark. So hurry up and get Pink!

The Pink Check Highwaisted Trouser

Now we all know how hard or merely impossible it can be to find the perfect high waist fit. Whilst sourcing through the amazing River Island store, not only will these cuties sit perfectly on you, but they are also a cheeky £12! Run to your closest River Island store because these hotties used to be £35. They are doing a massive deduction on most items in the store and we all know that does not happen too often.

The Pink Heel

The great thing about the pink heel is that it can be worn as a great statement piece if you are trying to have a relaxed day with your outfit without looking too boring. The small heel gives your look just that extra edge without you worrying about thinking if a pair of flats in your bag will be needed. Can be purchased at the high street retail store NewLook for an amazing £17.99

Now that we’ve taught you how not to fall into the mind trap that pink colour is just for Summer – go and redesign your wardrobe space and keep a bright closet this Winter!

Photos: Popsugar, RiverIsland, Newlook

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Sade Johnson is a Fashion and Beauty Journalist/Blogger and a contributing Fashion and Beauty Editor at Afrocosmopolitan. She's also a Presenter for STVFashion Feast. Having written and interned for magazines such as Black Beauty and Hair magazine, AFRONOIRE magazine, AMOR magazine and TheMuseTV, Sade has great knowledge for how the magazine industry works and how trends are incorporated from the catwalk to the highstreet. Sade has amazing knowledge for the fashion and beauty industry having worked as a Fashion and Beauty Consultant. She understands how new launches are produced and promoted to the public as well as the basics such as the right skin tone for the particular skin type. Sade is the founder of STV Fashion Feast. An online TV with fashion Fashion news program which is empowered by STV. Follow @STVFashion.

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