In an era where even non-celebrities are retouching their photos before posting them on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, supermodel and 49-year-old Cindy Crawford allowed her raw image to be in a magazine feature with all the flaws and imperfections. This is something uncommon in the glossy and glamorous beauty and fashion world where models are made to look like they are perfect and not the same as normal everyday people.

In a December 2013 issue of Marie Claire, supermodel and mother of two, Cindy Crawford allowed her unretouched photo to be used as part of the editorial. In the photo, Cindy who was 47 at the time, was dressed in a matching lingerie set and completed the sexy look with a fur coat and a hat.

In 1995, she was named the highest paid model on the planet by Forbes magazine.The unretouched lingerie-clad photo of the American model and ex-wife of actor, Richard Gere was shared on Twitter yesterday where it went viral with many giving it the thumbs up and calling on other celebrities to follow suit.

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Below is theĀ unretouched photo of lingerie-clad Cindy Crawford that went viral on Twitter and the retouched version of the same photo. placed side by side.

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