When going on summer vacations and seasonal getaways, there are a few items that must find their way into the suitcase. One of the most versatile garments that takes up little space, and that requires no special handling, ironing, or laundering, is a gorgeous sarong. These multi-faceted, ethnic wraps are fantastic for creating several distinct looks with little effort or accessorizing. These are the one thing in the closet that can go from beach to a restaurant, to lounging to the club. These can be used to wrap around shoulders or a swimsuit for some added warmth and protection. Or, these could be a quick and breezy skirt for cocktails by the pool.

Investing in a couple of great sarongs are an excellent purchase that will transform a current wardrobe giving the wearer far more options than they may have originally conveived. After investing in a couple beautiful sarongs either from silk or organic bamboo fabric, the next item is how to best wear these items. A sarong tie is a low-cost accent piece that secures, gathers, and drapes the sarong’s fabric perfectly. Many may feel a bit insecure wearing their sarong as a sexy halter-style dress or as a full-length skirt, worried that the knots will come undone and leave them exposed at social gatherings. The sarong ties are an excellent way to eliminate this worry and fear, and give the sarong the perfect drape and tautness without the wrinkling and potential damage that tying a knot can create.

Any quality vendor that carries sarongs will likely have these clever devices, and at only a few dollars each, they are the best fashion investment of the season- next to the sarong, of course! Choose plastic, shell, or other unique materials, and look for clever shapes that echo the pattern, print, or style of the sarong that it will be worn with. These are a great way to optimize the use of the sarong, allowing so many more looks and clever strategies, than without these useful clips. These would also be a wonderful item to share with friends or girls that enjoy their own sarongs, but that may not actually have one of these inventive accessories to hold the fabric in place!

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