The recent development of a terrorist funded state in the Middle Eastern nations of Syria and Iraq has highlighted the pressing need for international cooperation in the region in order to remove such malignant threats to world peace. In the same time frame, the growth of an “America First” energy policy among conservatives in our country has put the spotlight on domestic development of energy resources to counteract our dependence on oil and other energy sources from foreign nations.

Fossil Fuels Remain Finite

It should be understood by all who read this that, despite the best efforts of the United States to marshal and conserve its reserves of natural gas, oil, and other energy resources, their supply remains as finite as ever. If consumption remains unchecked at its present levels, even our most secret emergency reserves will run out. The time for alternative energy solutions is coming, and not a moment too soon.

But what will those solutions consist of? International experts, such as Daniel Yergin, who is the author of such best-selling studies as The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World, believe that the future of sustainable energy is intimately tied up with the geopolitical future of the human race.

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Sustainable Energy Has Geopolitical Implications

The reliance of American industry upon foreign energy sources, such as natural gas and oil, is bound to continue into the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, it must be understood that the United States is coming into competition with other contenders for these same very finite energy resources. For example, China is using just as much, if not more, of these same reserves of fossil fuel to feed its burgeoning economy. Other nations are pressing their own claims.

While the search for sustainable, non-finite, energy sources continues apace, the present reality means that the United States is pressed to use diplomacy and ingenuity in its efforts to maintain a continuous supply of the resources it needs to keep its economy ongoing. Meanwhile, other nations are hard pressed to do the same for their own citizens. As a result, this competition for limited resources is fuelling more than its share of misunderstandings and potential flash points all across the globe.

Conserving And Controlling Energy Reserves

As a result of continued unease and covert competition among the major consumers of the world’s resources, energy security is more precarious than ever. The attempt to ease these pressing concerns by discovering alternative sources of energy, such as solar and wind energy, continues apace, but at a relatively slow one.

Adding to the ever growing concern over reserves of fuel running out is the potential apocalypse posed by drastic climate change. As a result, the need to not only control and conserve, but also carefully regulate the use of, our limited fossil fuel resources has added yet another layer of anxiety to the overall picture.

The Future Lies In Clean, Sustainable Energy

In the end, the only practical solution to the growing competition and unrest must be to discover viable sources of clean, sustainable energy. Whether the destiny of the free world lies in the discovery of clean and inexhaustible energy remains to be seen. However, the forces that are shaping up on the horizon of geopolitics seem visibly connected with the outcome of this noble goal.

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