Life is never predictable. Sometimes events come up that are unexpected, whether it is a car repair, a medical bill or a chance to do something adventurous on short notice. When that is the case, you may not have enough cash on hand to take care of what you need to do. An instant payday loan can help you meet your cash needs without taking out a large loan from a traditional bank. Payday loans are not for everyone, but if you meet the qualifications, you can get your money quickly so you can get your life back on track.

Easy to Apply
One of the biggest benefits of any type of payday loan is that it is a simply process to apply for one. You will have to provide valid identification, some personal information and a check stub to apply for most of these loans, but once you fill out the application, it can take as little as a few hours to get a decision. It isn’t a long process like getting a loan from a bank where it takes awhile to review your application an make a decision.

You Get Only What You Need
With a traditional bank, you may be limited on how small of an amount you can borrow. Most banks will not bother with smaller loans and you shouldn’t have to borrow more than you really need to get you through a specific event. Payday loan options can start at $100 in some cases and go up to as much as $5000.

Options to Repay are Clear
When working with a payday loan provider, the transactions are usually spelled out in the loan agreement so that you know what your obligations are to repay the loan and in what time frame. Any fees associated with the loan will also be listed. Fees will depend on a variety of factors, from which company you work with to the amount of the loan. You may also see different fees depending on the length of your repayment agreement.

These are just some of the benefits of choosing a payday loan over a traditional loan or other options, such as borrowing money from family and friends. If you pay back the loan on time, you will maintain good credit and still be able to pay your unexpected bills on time.

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