African-American couple dining out. They are toasting with glasses of white wine and smiling. Horizontal shot.

African-American couple dining out. They are toasting with glasses of white wine and smiling. Horizontal shot.

A relationship is an emotional or other connection between people, such as; relationship between teachers and students or a sexual involvement.

However, it is important to note that this relationship is not about the one between students and teachers, but a relationship that involves sexual intimacy and needs the best tips and techniques to enjoying a good relationship.

It is a well known fact that building such a relationship is a very difficult task. It needs a lot of patience, perseverance, devotion and tolerance. Before going into a real relationship, you need to first know what the relationship is all about and what you want from that same relationship. Secondly both of you need to know what attracted you to each other, both physically and emotionally.

If you want a relationship that will stay strong and long, below are 4 tips and techniques to enjoying a good relationship.

Importance Of Honesty in a Relationship

To start with, honesty is the most important tool for a good relationship. If you think you are in a serious relationship, you need to be very honest to your partner. Let your partner get involved in everything you do so there will be no suspicion. Honesty makes a relationship very healthy, it makes you feel comfortable and secured in that relationship, it gives you confidence and the zeal to move forward, it brings you joy and above all make you happy.

Nowadays, most couples think having frequent sex is a guarantee for a long lasting relationship; but that is not how reality have shown. There are so many people who just want sex without commitment. A relationship involves so many things other than sex. If you come across a partner who likes to talk only about sex and doesn’t dialogue about future plans, then be very sure he or she is not serious.

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Importance of Dialogue

Another interesting tip for a good relationship is dialogue:  Dialogue plays an important role in any relationship. Most couples have had divorce and breakups because they fail to discuss or have a dialogue on an issue. In order to maintain a good relationship, make sure you always dialogue with your partner to make things clear. In most relationships, we have the dominant and the submissive partner.  No one likes to be bossed around by their partners. In this regard if you have a domineering partner or spouse, their reactions will be very weird. First, they will never appreciate anything you do, they will discourage you from good friends, they will make you feel guilty at all times, and above all they could be very jealous.

Tips to use in a domineering relationship

  • Never fight back at a domineering partner
  • Let him/her know they are hurting you with their actions
  • Never tolerate this action for too long
  • If it persist, consult a counsellor and if it doesn’t  work,
  • Put the relationship to an end because it will take you no where

What patience can do for a relationship

Patience is also another important factor that contributes to a good relationship. A majority of todays couples lack patience. In this world, no one is perfect. There is this saying that “one’s meat; is another’s poison”. You might think you are the perfect person in a relationship and the other person is bad, but, it is very hard to meet partner who are both compatible.

Your partner’s behaviour might be different from yours; in this situation, you need time and patience for both of you to understand each other. The question here is how do you do that? Well it is very simple. First of all, you need to take some time and judge yourself. If your partner changed his or her behaviour towards you, do not just jump into conclusions.

The first thing to do is to ask yourself questions like why he or she has changed, what you are doing wrong, how he or she was before now.

When you must have analysed all these, then it will lead you to a dialogue which will bring about solutions to the problem. On the other hand, if you think the fault is not on your part, then it means your partner needs to change for the betterment of the relationship. In this case, all you need do is to have some patience and see if you can tolerate some things and help your partner through the change process.

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Finally, managing a relation is a difficult task and these steps will assist you in having a rich and fulfilling relationship.

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