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How To Tie The Multi Pleat Round Gele

Check out this tutorial and learn how to tie the trending multi pleat round gele head wrap that will fit well with all your African outfits. #AfricanFashion #Gele #HeadWraps #AfricanHeadWrap

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African Head Wrap: 10 International Celebrities Who Rocked It

Check out these 10 international celebrities who rocked the African head wrap with so much swag.

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The Flamboyant Nigerian Gele Head wrap That Got Everyone Talking

Check out the flamboyant Nigerian Gele head wrap that got everyone on Instagram talking.This woman owambe head wrap was so high that Nigerian fashionistas could not ignore it.

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Videos: How To Tie Nigerian Gele Head Scarf Like A Pro

Check out how to tie Nigerian gele head scarf like a pro and turn heads at every event that matters. See how to do it here.#NigerianGele #HeadWrap

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A Look At 31 Iconic Headwraps From The Unapologetic Erykah Badu

Let’s take a look at 31 iconic headwraps from the unapologetic Erykah Badu. For years, the legendary soul singer inspired us with her music and fashion.

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