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Health: 9 Signs You Have Uterine Fibroids

These 9 signs will let you determine if you have uterine fibroids and what action to take. Uterie fibroids are more common with black women and severe cases can lead to infertility or frequent miscarriages.

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Nigerian Peacekeeper Cured Of Ebola Virus In Netherlands

A Nigerian peacekeeper has been cured of Ebola virus in the Netherlands. The man was sent to the country for treatment at the request of WHO. #EbolaCure.

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Ebola Survivor: British Nurse Returns To Sierra Leone

A British Ebola Survivor who is a nurse that was flown out of Sierra Leone after contracting the deadly virus has returned back to the West African country.

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Another American Tests Positive for Ebola in Liberia

Another American citizen has tested positive to the deadly Ebola Virus while working in Liberia. He's a cameraman working for the NBC News. #EbolaPatient.

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First British Ebola Patient Arrives UK For Treatment

A British Ebola patient who contracted the virus while working as a healthcare patient in Sierra Leone has arrived back in the UK for treatment. #EbolaVirus

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Feeling Fab Cancer Awareness Event With Angie Greaves And Macmillan Cancer Support

Angie Greaves in collaboration with the Macmillan Cancer Support is set to host the first Feeling Fab Cancer Awareness Event. #CancerAwareness #Cancer.

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Video: OJB Jezreel Speaks About His Health

As most of you might have already known. Nigerian musician and producer, OJB Jezreel is sick and he needs the sum of $100,000 (₦16,000,000.00) to perform a liver transplant.

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Health: German Doctors Reveal Cure For Snoring

According to German scientists, a device originally designed to prevent sleep apnea can also ''cure'' snoring. And this is good news for sufferers/partners.

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Health: Male Birth Control Pill Could be Available in a Year

A male birth control pill could be ready for testing in just a year. ‘The only significant side effect we've seen has been mild weight loss,’ James Bradner.

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Plea to Introduce Anti-HIV Pill in the Netherlands

Health: Plea to Introduce Anti-HIV Pill in the Netherlands

A Dutch specialist is calling for the introduction in the Netherlands of a pill that can dramatically lower the risk of infection with the HIV virus. According to Michiel van Agtmael, a consultant in infectious diseases at Amsterdam’s VU hospital, the drug Truvada, is “a breakthrough in the fight against HIV”. The medicine is already available in the United States ...

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