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Must Have: Beaded, Crystal And Stone-Embellished Gele

Gele head wraps are a must have fashion accessory for African women. And the gorgeous looking ones are the beaded, crystal and stone-embellished gele. #Gele #Headwraps

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The Flamboyant Nigerian Gele Head wrap That Got Everyone Talking

Check out the flamboyant Nigerian Gele head wrap that got everyone on Instagram talking.This woman owambe head wrap was so high that Nigerian fashionistas could not ignore it.

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wrapPING IT UP – The Gèlè Tea Couture Fashion Event

On Saturday, September 14, 2013, Gele Tea, the couture fashion event that showcases the #AfricanHeadWrap will take place in London. #GeleHeadWrap #GeleScarf

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