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As A Black Woman Your Natural Hair May Be Considered Unprofessional, Chimamanda

As a black woman, your natural hair may be considered unprofessional, Nigerian writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie said in a recent interview with the NYMag.

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#Transracial: Top 25 Looks That Made Rachel Dolezal A Black Woman

Since its the season of transracial, check out the top 25 looks that made Rachel Dolezal a black woman. From curly hair, braids, headwraps, body tan, .....

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Lifestyle:72 Years Old Black Woman In Fitness – Ernestine Shepherd

Filmed in 2009 while the woman was 72 years old. Proving that age is just a number. Ernestine Shepherd is currently being courted by the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest competing female bodybuilder. Shepard started weight lifting at the tender age of 56, now 75 she trains with former Mr. Universe Yohannie Shambourger. Her passion for staying in ...

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