A Swedish Police Teacher was Issued warning after making Amazon and Monkey comments to a student with a foreign background during several training exercises.

Sweden: Police Teacher Issued Warning After Monkey Comments An instructor within the Swedish police force has been accused of hate crimes for representing a trainee officer with a foreign background as a “monkey”.

“Yes, they don’t do anything else in the jungle besides hanging from vines,” eyewitnesses confirmed the instructor said as he observed the trainee crossing the monkey bars during an obstacle course exercise, according to the complaint filed in regards to the event with the National Police Board (Rikspolisstyrelsen).

The self-defense instructor supposedly paid specific attention to one man with a foreign background who he constantly referred to as ‘from the Amazon’.

The event took place in the course of a training event in December 2010, and numerous eyewitnesses attested to hearing the remarks.

The instructor, nevertheless, repudiated any recall of mentioning the jungle, yet acknowledged he may possibly have made the association with a monkey.

The “monkey” remark was specified alongside a number of related insulting statements directed at the same student and purportedly took place from late 2010 through 2011.

Majority of the commentaries revolved around the student’s talents in a number of training exercises, and the trainer habitually referred to the Amazon during the insults.

The tutor was first accused of hate crimes; however, the police later let go of the investigation, declaring that not enough people heard the name-calling for the case to be categorized as a hate crime.

The police have as an alternative issued the teacher with a warning, which the investigation team contemplates is harsh enough bearing in mind both the crime and its consequence.

The student was part of a study group from Södermanland, eastern Sweden. The episode transpired at a police academy in Solna north of Stockholm.

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