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Stop Deportation of Ugandan Lesbian, UKBA Urged

Stop Deportation of Ugandan Lesbian, UKBA Urged An online petition has been launched asking the UK Border Agency to stop deportation of a Ugandan lesbian. Linda Nakibuka, 22, came to the UK as a student.

The petition which is promoted by the Movement for Justice says that while in Uganda, Linda “was attacked, sexually harassed and beaten by people who think homosexuality is a sin and contiguous. Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda. She came to the UK to be able for the first time to be herself as a lesbian and to live and study free from the persecution she faced in her own country.”

Linda went to the UK Border Agency to apply for asylum on 11th April 2012. Despite her visa still being valid, Linda was put in detention, placed on fast track and her claim was dismissed by the UKBA and the Immigration Judge.

All these happened despite the fact that Linda had witnesses who knew her from Uganda and LGBT friends in the UK, the petition backed by EveryOne Group says.

“Linda’s life is deteriorating every day. Detention doctors have written to the UKBA regarding the torture Linda went through, but it has all fallen on deaf ears.

“On 7th July 2010 the UK Supreme Court overturned the racist, homophobic policy of sending Lesbian/Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people to their deaths. However little has changed. The UKBA has devised another trick of telling LGBT asylum seekers that they are not gay, as a pretext to deport them.”

Apart from asking the UKBA to release Linda from detention, the petition also urges them to grant her asylum.

Source: Immigrants in UK

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