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Steve Jobs: A Man of Inspiration

Steve Jobs: A Man of Inspiration

While we mourn, it is also important to celebrate Steve Jobs achievement and the way he has positively touched the lives of people all over the world. He was that man that loves to do things differently. The man that every gadget he touched was an instant success. He had his bad moments and times of failures, but he never let them define who he was. He kept on moving, trying and bringing out the best in him.

So, as we mourn him, let us also celebrate the inspiration he has left with us. His works and his moving speeches that he has left behind for us to have that yes we can attitude. Remember, you can achieve almost anything if you set your mind into it. Be passionate about it. Be dedicated to it. Give it your best shot. And tell yourself, you can do it.

Let us celebrate the father of everything Apple;

Read the tribute to Steve here!


  1. Great man. he revolutionized the way we use technology. always thinking ahead of his competitors. A man with so much wisdom. Kudos, steve jobs, the man the brough the “i” into all our daily technologies

  2. Intelligent businessman and a true innovator. You may be gone but your work will be admired for a long time. And your skills in public speaking, very uplifting and inspiring.

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