Yes, you read it right! Spice up your sex life with the love master mattress, a mattress that’s actually made to do the job perfectly. Don’t get me wrong, you can make love in any kind of bed or place. But actually using the right type of bed is cooler and adds some juicy flavour. Putting you in the right mood to enjoy sex as a couple with a healthy love life should be doing.

Most mattresses are made for sleeping; this means they are unsuitable for all the movements that takes place during sex. To fully be in the mood and enjoy sex as it should be, check out why the Lovemaster mattress is the perfect one for sex.


Sex is meant to be enjoyable. You want do it in a comfortable place and really take delight in doing it. Make it easy for yourself – get a Lovemaster mattress with a sinking-in effect that allows for a more efficient movement. And because the mattress provides the most traction, it’ll result to a faster and easier climax. The Lovemaster provide traction primarily through its knitted cover and supported by the latex top layer.


Because the Lovemaster is designed with a base layer of 1000 pocket springs, it is the bounciest of all mattresses and screams “let’s make love” like no other mattress. A good mattress made to enjoy lovemaking should be able to provide a bouncy effect when compressed. That’s just what the love mattress does. It’s bouncy effects allows you to get into a rhythm made to lead to an enjoyable and passionate love making session.


Love making should be discreet! You don’t want your neighbours or family members next door to be a party to your love life. Love making is a thing between two people and you need to keep it that way. Do you know how many couples love lives that have been ruined because they are afraid of making too much noise and attracting other people’s attention? To allow a discreet love making session, the matrass needs to be energy absorbing, heavy, as well as silent to allow love making take place without inviting anyone in the next room.

Active Sex

To make sure sex is enjoyable, you need to be active. To make this possible, the Lovemaster is designed in a way that it is easy to move around on and quickly change positions without putting too much effort. And because most mattresses are highly pressure sensitive or do not maintain a leveled flat surface, they tend to prevent an enjoyable sex and intimate moment.


Come on, you don’t want to be buying mattresses every other year and end up wasting money that would have been saved for other needs. And since the Lovemaster mattress is made to last for a very long time, it has been made to be able to withstand repeated and “passionate” use over several years without breaking, sagging or losing comfort and support. The combination of the 2cm latex top layer and the knitted cover is for the Lovemaster to last for a very long time and save you lots of money.

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