It happened in the Sito de Calahonda Urbanisation
Spain - British Man Arrested for Stabbing a Senegalese Man in Mijas
Guardia Civil

A 43 year old British resident of Mijas, named with the initials J.S. has been arrested by Local Police in connection with the stabbing of a 52 year old Senegalese man, named with the initials M.N. The Senegalese man was stabbed with a sharp object in the Sitio de Calahonda urbanisation.It happened just after midnight on Saturday night, and the injury is the lumber region. Police called the emergency services who took the injured man to the Costa del Sol Hospital, after he had given them a detailed description of his attacker.A search was started by the patrol which saw how a man tried to flee when the police were seen. Finally the police managed to catch the Briton who refused to identify himself and who also attacked one of the police. He had to be forced to the ground and suffered the fracture of his left shoulder as a result.Both the Local Police and the Guardia Civil, and private security guards who operate in the estate inspected the scene of the aggression to try and find the weapon used and they found a broken bottle which has been taken into evidence.

SOURCE: Typically Spanish

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  1. Hmm, what can i say to this? Some months ago, Senegalese traders were shot in Italy by an Italian man.

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