A 23-year-old South African woman has been caught smuggling drugs by concealing them n Her dreadlocks. Nolubabalo “Babsi” Nobanda, of Grahamstown, South Africa was caught by Thai authorities hiding 1.5 kilogrammes of cocaine in her dreadlocks. The young woman was trying to be creative with her way by using it as a means to smuggle drugs for her client. But she was not lucky enough as she was caught and now in a big mess.

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Visit the link below for more information on the case.



  1. Always looking for news ways to cheat the system and make quick money. Well, you’ve just landed in the wrong place girl.

  2. The three questions I think we shloud focus on for next week are:What happens when the person being trafficked is no longer useful? Which policies have and haven’t worked in combating illegal human trafficking?Does human trafficking have a connection to other criminal organizations?

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