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Simone Wijmans – New Black TV News Anchor in The Netherlands

Simone Wijmans - New Black TV News Anchor in The Netherlands

Simone Wijmans

Simone Weimans will be the new TV news anchor in The Netherlands for the NOS morning and day shows. Starting June 15th she will also be a news editor, the NOS (the Dutch BBC) announced today.

The 39-year old Weimans, who was born in The Netherlands to Surinamese parents, presented the current affairs radio program Dichtbij Nederland of the NPS and several other programs.

Weimans started as a radio journalist for the Radio Netherlands Worldwide during her study Communication Science. After graduating in 1998 she worked for the Dutch public broadcasting company VARA and for several programs on public Radio 1, 2 and 5. Currently she is involved in the radio program De Gids.FM on Radio 1 and De heer Ontwaakt (The Lord Awakens) on Radio 2.

Wijmans is the third black news anchor for the NOS since 1965.

Source: Afro-Europe Blog

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