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Woman From Zimbabwe Boils Her New Born Baby because the supposed father refused paternity and responsibility.

The police have arrested a Gweru woman from Mkoba Village 11. She was reported to have killed her newly born baby by boiling the baby on a stove because the father denied paternity. The event, which has become the talk of the town in Gweru, took place on Tuesday. According to eyewitnesses, the woman whose name has not been confirmed at the time of press yesterday was reported to the police at Mkoba Police Station by a tenant. The tenant claimed she found the mother boiling the newly born baby.

Police in Mkoba yesterday confirmed the case and the arrest of the woman. They, however, refused to give additional information and directed this reporter to Midlands’s provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Patrick Chademana for comment.

Efforts to get a comment from Inspector Chademana or his deputy, Assistant Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko have been unsuccessful as the two were said to be attending an emergency meeting in Harare.

When Chronicle visited Mkoba yesterday, the house where the crime was alleged to have to place was abandoned with neighbours confirming the incident.

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According to a neighbour who pleaded anonymity, “I have never come across what I witnessed at our neighbours’. I was one of the few people who were first to arrive at the scene after the incident and when we arrived the body of the newly born baby was still floating in hot water,”

The neighbours said police at Mkoba Police Station later arrived at the scene and arrested the woman who had been put under “house arrest” by angry residents.
“It was a shocking incident and it is the talk of the neighbourhood, even the police who arrived at the scene and found the body of the baby in boiling water were stunned,” said another witness.

According to the neighbours, the woman, whom they only identified as Mai Petty lives with her child and her siblings. They said the suspect decided to kill her newly born baby by tossing it into steaming water after a man thought to have fathered her child denied obligation.

According to another neighbour, “She has been long involved in a dispute with her boyfriend who is also from the neighbourhood. When the boyfriend (name given) denied responsibility for the pregnancy, Mai Petty decided to kill the baby by throwing it into boiling water that was on the stove.”

The neighbours said a tenant at the woman’s house later arrived and found the body of the baby in the boiling water. “He quickly informed other residents but the woman quickly removed the pot from the stove and poured the body of the infant into a dish,” said another neighbour.

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According to Police sources who spoke to Chronicle, the suspect was denying having boiled the infant.
“In her warned and cautioned statement, the suspect is arguing that the baby could have died due to high temperatures while she was bathing it. She is saying she could have used very hot water to wash her baby leading to its death,” said the police source.

The police informed that investigations into the incident were still ongoing. CHRONICLE

This woman from Zimbabwe is not the only one that has killed her child in a gruesome way. Just few days ago, A Nigerian woman was reported to have killed her son by punishing him to death.

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