Looking sexy can boost your confidence, especially when you’re on a first date and you’re wondering what your first impression will be. Like we all know, your first impression can make a lot of difference to how you’re viewed. It can be the reason that your new date will never want to see you again. Or the reason he wants to take things further. So, while preparing for that special evening, make sure you make a good impression. A lasting one!

The first time people meet you, you’ll be judged based on your appearance without taking the time to know the true you. While this happens in almost every situation, your look is very important when it comes to dating and relationships. To make sure you’re making the right impression by looking sexy on your first date, check out the 5 ways to be a sexier and more confident date.

Learn to love and be confident with your appearance. While being sexy can make you more confident, sexiness alone cannot make you become confident. Confidence in itself is sexy. You might be beautiful and sexy but not confident about yourself and your looks. As a result, you will end up being timid and intimidated, thereby being unable to exude that confidence that lets your beauty and sexiness shine and glow. As part of being confident, make sure you look into your date’s eyes while you’re together. Especially when you’re talking or listening. Avoiding eye contact is a sign of lack of confidence. Never place yourself in such an awkward situation.

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Look good, Dress to flatter
A dress can make a whole lot of difference to how sexy a lady can look. Have you ever watched those reality programs where ladies are given a new look? I’m not talking about those extreme beauty makeovers that use cosmetic surgery to enhance women’s look. It is more of those mini makeover programs that transform a lady’s look by just the clothing, the hair style and a little bit of make-up. If you do, you’ll notice how beautiful, sexy and classy most of the women end up looking with just a little bit of fashion change. So, one of the most important ways to look sexy is to dress to flatter your best characteristics. Every woman has something striking or unique about their appearance. To look always good, you need to know the most beautiful part of your body and learn to flatter it while you dress for that date. It might be your sexy long legs, your curvy hips, or those well shaped sized bust line. Take advantage of whichever one it is and you’ll see your sexiness and confidence increase.

Cultivate the habit of smiling. Smiling is good they say. It helps in making you look younger. But there’s so much more smiling can do for you. Smiling can make you look beautiful, open and welcoming. When you look welcoming, people are freer and easy to let go of themselves and become drawn to you. If you have not noticed, when you smile at most people, they smile back at you. If your smile can be so infectious to even strangers and make them look at you and care about your feelings, how much more on your date. You’re not in a war zone and do not need to tighten up your face like the world is about to end and you’re in a terrible place. Learn to let yourself free and always put a smile on your face. There is nothing as sexy as a beautiful smile. Use it on your date and you’ll feel like you have the key to your man’s heart. While smiling is good and can boost your sexiness, do not over do it. Too much of everything is bad. Moderation is the key to achieving your true goal and bringing out that sexiness in you.

Change your hairstyle
Having the same hairdo can be so boring that you’ll even begin to bore yourself and feel unsexy. A new hairstyle can change your looks and make you feel differently about yourself. Take some risks and make changes to your hairdo as much as you can. Whether long or short, different hairstyles can give you different looks. If you want to stick to certain looks that enhance your facial features, you can book an appointment with your hairstylist to determine the best hairstyles for your facial structure. Do not miss a chance to bring out your sexiness and best of looks

Get a new bra, get the right size
So many women are dressing up everyday wearing bras that are not made to fit them. They are either going for bras that are smaller than their true size or choosing those that are too large for them. Thereby making their bust-line look less flattering than they truly are. If you do not know your true bra size, get into a special lingerie shop and they’ll take your measurement so you could go shopping for the right bra. When you put on the right bra size, you’ll see how much difference it’ll make to your bust-line and increase your sexiness. Like hot on fire!

While there are several other things that you can do to feel sexier and more confident on a date, these 5 tips are some of the most important ones and will go a long way in boosting your sexiness and confidence.


  1. So true. Some women don’t just know how to make themselves look good or feel confident about the way they look.

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