The whole world was in a big shock to hear that the dream couple who renew their vows every year are splitting. Even last year, Seal and Heidi renewed their love vows once again. However, according to Seal, the couples are also shocked about the break-up because the “I do” vows they shared hold values.

According to the couples press release statement, they couples said that they have grown apart. Seal was at the Ellen DeGeneres show as well as Tavis Smiley Late Night Show. In both shows, the singer explained how he felt about the breakup. He said he would continue to wear his wedding ring because they will continue to stay connected for the rest of their lives. He added that the ring feels comfortable on his hands and do not intend to take it off any moment soon. He said wearing the ring is a token of what he feels for Heidi.

Seal said he has “a tremendous amount of love and respect” for Heidi klum and in his opinion; she is the most wonderful woman in the world.

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Even with such a significant moment event in his life, Seal is focused on his project and has started a promotional tour for his new album. He thinks deciding to separate does not stop one from loving the other or from being friends.

He said they still have much love for each other and their greatest priority is to remain civil and carry out their divorce with dignity.

Want to know the how story? Watch the two videos below. One is from Ellen DeGeneres show while the second is from the Tavis Smiley Late Night Show.

Interview with Ellen DeGeneres

Interview with Tavis Smiley Late Night Show


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