Rough Copy! Rough Copy! Rough Copy! The crowd cheers for Kazeem Ajobe (Kaz), Sterling Ramsay and Joseph Thomas (Joey/Joe) who are presently XFactor’s Gary Barlow’s acts. After their first live shows performance last Saturday, where they sang the classic Phil Collins ‘In The Air Tonight.’ With that performance, Rough Copy has certainly set the bar high for the rest of the remaining acts. After doing so, they were described as one of, if not the best group that has ever been seen on XFactor. But the trio’s journey has been far from smooth; it has actually been a bit rough.

One Direction’s “Little Things” was the song that Rough Copy decided to sing at their audition that took place at the arena earlier on this year. And what a great decision it was. The trio described themselves as brothers who share a house together and are “sweet but street” to the judges. And this was illustrated by the trio putting their own style of harmonies and attitude into their entire performance of ‘Little Things’.

An invitation to the judge’s houses was exactly what Rough Copy was wishing for, again. Last year, the groups XFactor experience came to an abrupt ending when the boys were axed from the show as Kazeem was unable to travel abroad to the judges houses due to his UK visa issues. A year later, and Rough Copy found themselves in the same situation yet again. But this time around, the XFactor team informed them they would be able to continue on to the second part of the competition where the decision would be made if they would be put through to the final stage that would be the judges’ houses. But it will only be possible as a duo, as Kazeem could not obtain a USA visa to attend judges’ houses in New York. The trio was in a sticky situation, was this the end of the road for the talented Rough Copy?

The trio agreed to go ahead as a duo with Kaz saying, “I put the group together, and I have to think of their careers as well as mine”. After making such a decision, an emotional teary-eyed Kaz stood in the wings of the X factor stage watching Sterling and Joe continue the auditions – resulting in their acceptance into the judges’ house.

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After a mind blowing performance at Gary Barlow’s house (their mentor), Sterling and Joe sailed their way into live shows and returned home to inform family, friends and Kaz the bittersweet news. Shortly, the duo was whisked off to the house where they will reside until they get booted off or even win the XFactor.

While he was on his way to tell Kazeem the good about his group, Gary said, “I am on my way to see Kazeem from Rough Copy. At boot camp, he had to leave the band because of a visa issue but today I have some great news for him.” And great news it was. Barlow journeyed down to Kaz’s home in South London where yet again, an emotional Kaz listened to Barlow tell him that he wants him back in the competition as part of Rough Copy. Barlow said, “I didn’t get to see you properly at boot camp, we all felt really bad about what happened. If my judges’ houses had been in the UK, you’d have been there. I took the guys to New York and they knocked it out of the park. They are going to go to live shows and this is the reason I am here today. Kazeem, I want you back in the group. Are you up for it? ” And just like that, Kaz was whisked off to reunite with his brothers.

It has already been stated a numerous amount of times, that Rough Copy has the ability to win this year XFactor. And if their performance last week were anything to go by, I would state that the sensational trio has already shown that they have got what it takes to win.


  1. Wishing them luck and hope they win this years XFactor. It has not been an easy ride for them. And they are lucky to finally take part this year. All the luck boys. Keep on doing what you know how to do best.

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