In this post, you will see how it girls rock satin bomber jackets and can learn how to do it. It girl, pepperdem gang, slay queens, or whatever name you choose to call them are always on point with their fashion game.

Bomber jackets have been a common fashion piece among fashionista at the moment, and by the look of things, this trend does not seem to be going out of season soon. The offer for the bomber jacket is wide and broad to choose from. There are satin bomber jackets, ankara bomber jackets, floral bomber jackets, silk bomber jackets, and from many other kinds of fabrics. And that’s not all, you go for pink bomber jackets, black bomber jackets, yellow bomber jackets and any of your favourite colours. There are also quilted and embroidery jackets. The options and combination of bomber jackets are wide, but in this post, we’ll concentrate on satin bomber jackets and how it girls are wearing it.

Below are photos of 9 It girls rocking satin bomber jackets. Some of them are top celebrities while others are fashion bloggers, models anf fashionistas. Check them all out and start slaying like a true fashionista. Good luck as you upgrade your wardrobe and add more trendy and fashionable pieces to it.

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How To Rock Satin Bomber Jackets Like An It Girl

Go for chic and comfort like Erica Moore of The Glamorous Gleam by pairing your satin bomber jacket with a pencil skirt and top. Just like the fashion blogger, complete the look with a pair of ankle boots, high heeled sandals or pumps. You can add a statement piece of necklace and a tote bag to seal the look.

Are you in the mood to show off some legs? Then go for Sofia Richie’s look. She’s wearing a red satin bomber jacket with a nude top and a denim skirt. She completed the look with a pair of black boots, black purse, dark sunglasses and a head scarf.

Yes, go for this celebrity look by pair your satin bomber jacket with a lace skirt and a shirt. Then seal the look with a pair of high heels and a clutch bag.

The crop to is not going away any moment soon. It has been a hot fashion piece for some time now and you can rock it with your satin bomber jacket. Take a look at how reality TV star and top model, Kylie Jenner is wearing hers. The younger sister to Kim Kardashian rocked her satin bomber jacket with a white top and black tight pants. She completed the look with a pair of white sneakers.

Here’s another satin bomber jacket paired with a white crop top and denim pants.

Bomber jackets are a great fashion piece to wear in fall. Rock it Like Jessann Kirby by pairing it with a matching dress, and high heels like sandals, pumps, or ankle boots.

Go for a combination of street and chic by pairing your satin bomber jacket with a pair of jean and a t-shirt. And then dress it up with a pair of ankle boots or pumps. Complete the look with a clutch purse and any other favourite fashion accessories you’ll like to add. But make sure you don’t add too much.

And, yes. Satin bomber jackets go well with floral dresses too. You can steal this look and personalise it to your own style and body structure.

Like this fashionista, you can pair satin bomber jackets with straight fitted and body hugging dresses and dress it down with a pair of sneakers for a casual but chic look. Don’t forget to add a matching bag.

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