How You Can Prevent and Get Rid of Ticks From Your Dog Every pet owner understands how irritating ticks can be. Ideally, everyone wants their dogs to be free from the annoying little creatures. Here are some tips on how to help your dog become free from these tiny pests. Employ Medicated Shampoos All dog owners should know the positive effect these medicated shampoos can have when dealing with ticks. Though this method is laborious, it is one of the least expensive and easiest to manage. This method is most effective if you wash your dog with the shampoo every two weeks. This ensures that all the ticks on your dog’s skin are eradicated completely.
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Employ Oral Medications
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Another way you could choose to deal with these annoying pests is through oral drugs. Dogs have a bunch of oral medications, which they can use. It is prescribed once a month and it can be used to kill ticks as well as to disrupt the life cycle of flees. Such medications can easily be used without worrying about other pets or your kids getting in contact with your dog. Collars That Repel Ticks These collars are generally only helpful for the neck and head area, nevertheless, they do provide a significant preventative measure. The collar needs to be in contact with your dog’s skin for it to transfer the required chemicals on to the dog’s skin and fur. One must ensure to leave adequate room to fit two fingers under the collar while putting it on. This is just so your dog does not choke. You should also make sure that the collar has no protruding ends, which your dog can chew on. You should also be alert to notice if your dog starts to scratch excessively, which could be a sign of an allergic reaction. Employ Tick Dips These are just concentrated chemicals that are mixed with water and applied to the animal’s fur. The treatment should be allowed to sit for some time before rinsing it off so that it works effectively. These treatments can be very corrosive at times and therefore one should carefully read the labels. You should also note that such dips are not recommended for animals under four months or for pregnant or nursing pets. You should always ask your veterinarian for professional advice before you use this form of treatment. Medicated Powder Specialized tick powders have the ability to kill and repel ticks from your dog. They are usually labeled with your dog’s specific age, and they come with a guide on how to use them.

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